We’ve come a long way from the days of cloth-bound foiled books, Dewey decimal cards, and dusty old wooden shelves. With the increased digitization of books and everything else today, libraries have been going through rapid changes that offer the community so much more than stacks of old books on shelves.

In today’s libraries, you will find:


Of course, books come first right? Today, it’s much more than books! Librarians keep a collection of print, digital and audiobooks, and other video resources and can guide all your knowledge needs.


Kids and Parents who visit the library are likely to have an interest in learning and education, and with small talk, you may find that they share similar interests, and values as you. You or your children can make good friends at the library, and you may just find that that person you said “hi” to lives a block away from you and may end up being a part of your social network. Proceed with caution, but it’s worth proceeding.

Classes, Events, and Activities for the whole family

Libraries host many interesting events that can enrich learning, and provide entertainment and rewards. Libraries with special event rooms host free events like book readings and discussions, author signings, movie screenings, cultural events, and writing contests for emerging writers. Many of these events are FREE.

Meeting Rooms

Study distraction-free or have that job interview at your local library! Many libraries have specially designated rooms that are available for rent for private and group use, usually free with reservation.

Media Room or Creative Lab

Some libraries have a special room equipped with computers, projectors, 3D printers, and other technological equipment for library members’ use. You can complete class or personal projects with library equipment and rent at low or no cost. 

There are also libraries with exquisite facilities like relaxation lounges, spas, and coffee shops. Well, the sky is the limit!

Across the world, libraries are being redefined to become adaptable, inclusive, and accessible spaces for learning and community connections. They host events and provide spaces to create, collaborate and celebrate the diversity in your community.

So if you think that libraries are obsolete, think again.

Visit your local library today.

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