Householder Publishing LLC is a publishing and media company that creates books, interactive learning resources, and techno-media experiences that delight, inspire hope and empower the young and young at heart.

We love to see people delighted, inspired, and empowered.

Householder is taken from an expression in Matthew 13:52 in the Bible. As householders, bringing forth beautiful, new and old pieces from our storehouse that empower our readers.

We are faith-backed, black-owned, excited about transformative ideas, believe in the endless depth of creativity and beauty of Africa, and are passionate about amplifying African voices in the global resource pool. 

Our imprints — the many rooms in our household.

Householder Publishing is made up of creatively distinct publishing imprints that publish across different genres and media forms. Though we publish across multiple genres, the cord that binds our creators together is their focus on delighting, inspiring, and empowering the young and the young at heart.

Find below, descriptions of our current imprints.

Householder Books

Guided by transformative creativity and literary innovation, Householder Books publishes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from fresh African voices for the general audience.

Glory Road Africa

Glory Road Africa is dedicated to the literary and artistic celebration of Africa’s heritage, history, identity, experience, and virtue by creating books and interactive audiovisual resources that inspire and empower the modern African child. 

Istoria County Audio Network

Istoria County Audio Network gathers creatively distinct but purposefully related shows curated by fresh African voices. Each show seeks to provide delightful, engaging, and transformative content for the whole family. Visit the Istoria County Website here

Southwest Games and Householder Labs

Here is the ideation and tinker station of Householder Publishing. Here, we utilize the tool of technology to design interactive experiences via physical and digital media. We are currently developing specialized games, software, and other interactive audiovisual experiences that elevate the minds of young people.