Research Writers Program (RWP)

What is the Research Writers Program

The Research Writers Program provides young creatives of African descent the opportunity to contribute to a growing body of work that inspires and empowers children. This program gives young creatives an opportunity to contribute their research and writing skills to curating content that builds a collective from which we develop resources to inspire and empower children.

What will Research Writers do?

RWs research and develop content based on assigned themes and topics, and as they produce content, we provide mentorship, a learning stipend, and quality-tailored resources to help them hone their craft.

What are the benefits?

In addition to a learning stipend, the RW Program will provide 

  • Mentorship and Specialized Feedback: Each Research Writer is assigned a mentor who will review monthly writing assignments and provide detailed feedback that helps each Research Writer improve their writing. 
  • Professional Development (Bi-monthly Workshops): In addition to the detailed feedback, there will be a bi-monthly writing workshop hosted by all the mentors based on the feedback of mentors. While the specified detailed feedback enables each RW to improve in specific areas, the lunch and learn sessions allow them to learn from each other, general principles of better writing.
  • Name recognition in finished projects: RWs will be recognized for their contribution to final projects and also have an opportunity to work on longer-form royalty-based specialized projects.
  • Professional Development: RWs proactively hone relevant creative skills through participation in the program. They gain access to some of the best-in-industry tools and resources, guidance from mentors, gain access to books, and a community of creatives
  • Householder swag (stickers, journal/t-shirt)

Who funds the program?

The RW Program is generously funded by our supporters. If you’d like to support this vision, click here.

How can I apply?

Applications are currently closed. The first cohort of the program began in October 2022 and we hope to continue to give more young people unique learning opportunities for a long time to come.

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