Echoes of Heaven

April 2023

Echoes of Heaven is an illustrated collection of poems that calls the reader away from the frantic bustling ­— the vicissitudes of daily life, into a place of stillness. Dare to sit back and lean into the soothing words of a ready writer. 

Each verse of this nine-part, fully illustrated book hopes to call readers to draw from the eternal and divine, strength for daily life. The book comes with a lot of promise and Olamide hopes that through her words, readers will ponder the wonders of divine companionship, and find comfort and strength in the voice of the One who says, “I love you, child.”

“Echoes of Heaven is such a breath of fresh air. This is a book written for everyone searching for light and meaning; for the lost, for the lonely, and for the one still choosing to fight. This is a book of hope. The words are clear, and simple. The lines are well structured. If you’ve found this book, something greater than luck has found you.”

-Editor’s Review

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