Kindness is your Superpower Art Contest

Compelling characters drive a good story. 

With their back story, diverse personalities, and artistic details, our most beloved characters in books, movies and games give us a window to another world as we experience a story in its fullness.

We are seeking entries from illustrators and character designers who can create the best story-driven anthropomorphic characters for an upcoming story project. Each competitor will go through a screening exercise, and an art course, and will be expected to produce a story-driven anthropomorphic character.

This Art Contest is made possible by the strategic creative collaboration between Householder Publishing LLC and Coble Studios who are creating a collection of delightful Africa-inspired adventures that kids and their families can enjoy and learn from.


We will select 3 winners who will be offered:

  • $500 and perks (art books, art course subscriptions), as well as
  • A publishing contract to create art for an upcoming story project.


  • To be announced


  • Illustrator with a portfolio that reflects experience with Character Design
  • Proficient in English
  • At least 18 years old (kids program coming soon). 
  • Review the instructions and understand the requirements.


  • Be eligible
  • Submit an application and a portfolio link (one piece that represents your current artistic skill)

Entry Fee

  • $15
  • Multiple Entries are allowed.

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Contest Runs from
September 1 to October 30, 2022